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The Donald White/Mandla A. Ndwanya Memorial Foundation would like to thank all who donated to the Emasithandane Children's Home over the past couple of months! The support of organizations such as the @ActivistEducationDevelopmentCentre and the

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Psi Tau Omega Chapter provided much needed food and necessities to the 29 youth living in the centre on Saturday, October 10th, 2020. Psi Tau Omega provided the feminine hygiene products, while AEDC sewed the face masks desperately needed during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are also working with @AEDC to sew school uniforms and tracksuits for the students living at the centre and for the upcoming school year beginning in January 2021. We would also like to recognize Kevin Warthon and friends, Zubaidah Allen and family, and others for their generous donations that continue to help to combat food insecurity in the Nyanga Township in Cape Town, South Africa.


Takiyah White Ndwanya

President and Founder

Hygiene Products

School shoes and socks


The current pandemic is affecting funding for this children’s centre and all donations are vital to the livelihood of the children, staff, and organization. The donations received on Saturday will be put to use immediately and we are incredibly grateful for the kindness and generosity shown by others. 

Enkosi kakhulu -- thank you very much! ~

Rose Selko, Intern, Donald White/Mandla A. Ndwanya Memorial Foundation

Nomha Thyulu 

Project Coordinator

Thank you, thank you to Kevin and Lorene Warthon, Minnie Lipsey, Cholley Moses, and Berdia Foster for your generous donation to support our efforts to combat food insecurity in the Nyanga township in Cape Town, South Africa. With your contribution, we provided food and necessities to 29 children and youth living at the Emasithandane Children’s Organization on September 5, 2020. They currently have not been able to secure funding during the pandemic and rely on support from other non-profit organizations to feed and care for the children in their care. Enkosi kakhulu!

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